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Jim ''Gladiator'' Bob sees only the net


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Most powerplay goals, most game-winning goals, most goals, and most hits. Jim Bob has been one of the biggest stories in the ongoing playoffs. The Seattle winger has been instrumental for the Bears as they are currently playing against Chicago in the second round.


''The pucks just keep going in, I don't know if I'm just lucky or what but it's nice to see all the hard work pay off when it matters the most!  Unfortunately, we did not get the win today, but everything is still in our own hands. We are going to learn from this and make sure we win game five''. Jim Bob after the 4-3 OT loss earlier today.


Game five will be played in Chicago tomorrow. Seattle won last time the teams met in Chicago, so the Phoenix without a doubt wants revenge. On top of that, the win from game five would mean a 3-2 lead in the series, which is a position both teams want to hold. How the teams head towards game six is vastly different depending on if you are leading by one or if your team need a must-win. Both teams want to avoid playing under intense pressure that comes with the need to win.




If Jim Bob has played well for Seattle, the same can be said about tonight's hero, the scorer of the OT winner Adam Syreck. He has 1+3 in four playoff games. What makes such a total even more impressive is the fact that on average Syreck plays around 14.7 minutes per game for Chicago! Syreck is a familiar name to many Chicago fans as he has played his whole career in the Phoenix jersey. During the four seasons, he has scored 33, 38, 39, and 14 goals for Chicago.


The 14 goals this season might look a bit odd next to multiple 30+ goal seasons, but when you take a quick look at his stats - this playoff run is not a fluke. During the regular season, Syreck played on average 12.4 minutes per game, dressed only in 57 games, but still scored 14 goals and 31 points. It's worth pointing out that Syreck scored 9 goals and 18 points in the powerplay during those 57 games, so Seattle needs to avoid taking any silly penalties. Syreck and Chicago are a skilled team with a lot of offensive firepower.


How can Seattle make the difference? The physicality. Seattle as a team has the most hits in this year's playoffs. Three Seattle players can be found in the top-3 for hits in playoff statistics. If they can keep the same level of intensity up in game five, Syreck and other Chicago players are going to have a tough time.


Game five between Chicago and Seattle will be an intense battle. You can expect to see a little bit of everything on the ice, starting from skill, physicality, and high-level goaltending. If you have time tomorrow, tune in and see who takes the important 3-2 lead in the series!


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