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Jubis and Frostbeard


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Just as we started to hear some noise about how there was no GM change for several seasons (expansions notwithstanding), when two GMs stepped down in the space of a couple of weeks. Ironically, it wasn't any of the veterans of the game stepping aside but two of the newer GMs – John Frostbeard, who took over Malmo in S71 and Ryan Jubis who officially took over Calgary during S72.


Although those may seem like short GM careers, they're actually probably above average over the course of VHL's existence. For example, my current 12th season as Moscow GM puts me at 4th place among current GMs. In S30, it would have been the 2nd longest stint of all time – and still good enough for a tie for 4th all time as late as S50. One rebuild-compete cycle and out was the name of the game for most VHL GMs.


Frosty was a blast from the past in that way too. He picked up a Malmo good on paper but underachieving in reality, blew it up, tanked for the S73 draft, and came out with a cup at the other side in S75. In the age of record-breaking playoff streaks and constant retools, this was a breath of fresh air in old-fashioned VHL squad building.


The traditional thing about Jubis is that he replaced Bushito once he went inactive. Otherwise he was committed to the 6 forwards and 4 defencemen school of roster building and in my opinion he and Calgary's star players deserved better from his reign, at the very least that stacked team of S72. But it's an ultra competitive league and the window of opportunity shuts quicker than ever.


Was Frosty better than Jubis because he won a cup? No, I think both were good for their teams and leave a relatively short but notable legacy. Although both stepped down due to time constraints, it ended up being a welcome throwback to old school VHL GMs.

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