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S76 WJC GM Announcement #2 - TEAM USA


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We’re slowly making our way up the ladder here. We started off with Team Asia, and met Kaleeb the Might New GM. Who could be next?



Credit: @KaleebtheMighty


In the past few years, Team USA has been highly entertaining. Last year, first-time GM @thadthrasher won the inaugural CHEERLEADER AWARD for being the hype-master of the tournament. We’ve always got top tier cheerleader Bana waving the ol’ red, white, and blue. On the ice, the pesky Americans had a solid round-robin last year but were unable to win a game in the playoffs. A semi-final loss to Team Europe gave them an appointment in the Bronze Medal Game, where they just got upset by the upstart Canadians. And now, the popular American club has a new manager with the heavy job of leading the team back into medal contention.


But first, I’d like to thank Thad for his dedication and service to the tournament. He crushed it last year, making such an impact on the league that he earned a promotion right from the WJC into the VHLM GM position. We wish him all the luck with the San Diego Marlins.


Filling those big shoes (and poorly-fitting dress shirts) of Thad is…




Another rookie manager, Hex is making his debut in the managerial world. Hex has been on the radar of the WJC Headquarters for a while now. The strong candidate applied last year, but ultimately was unable to perform the job. Now, he’s got a real-life computer, and is in the process of reverse-engineering STHS to gain a competitive advantage for his squad.


You’ve seen Hex around the VHL. This first-gen power user has made his mark on the league in his short time on the forums. His passion for league history has made him the preeminent VHL Historian of our generation. Hex spent a few seasons at VSN, working under the wise tutelage of Hatter. Last season, he was the official VSN correspondent for the WJC. This year, he gets to trade in his press pass for an actual pass to the tournament. 


Hex is clearly on the path to management in the league. The WJC is a valuable stepping stone for early-career managers to get that valuable experience driving the bus instead of riding shotgun as an AGM. Currently assisting the Houston Bulls, Hex has those aspirations. His references spoke highly of him, and were impressed with his eagerness and willingness to learn at every opportunity. Hex has the personality, the STHS knowledge, the discord activity, and the overall solid-head-on-his-shoulders required to succeed as a general manager. This is his chance to prove that all those kind words are also true words!




Next up, the medal round… 🇨🇦

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6 minutes ago, bigAL said:

I'm so glad you finally got a computer that can run STHS. It blew my mind when I learned you did your first months at the VHL on your phone only.

Yeah almost the entirety of S75 was mobile for me.

I feel like this is gonna go down in the all-time VHL lore book lol

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