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End of Season Wrapup


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This week was the start of the Season 76 VHL Playoffs. Surprisingly, taking the final spot in the European conference, the Riga Reign made it to the wild card round…. Where they lost the series 1-3. For a team that was filled with rookies and failed to make playoffs last season, this was a huge step in the right direction for the team. This will give the rookies some experience in the playoffs and give them a full season to really develop. For Justin Lose next season will be a blank slate to hopefully build off of.


“Team wise this was a successful season for us. It sucks losing in the wild card round, but it felt great to get some playoff hockey experience in the VHL. As an individual I’m not happy with my performance. This was supposed to be a break-out year for me. I even hyped myself up and failed to live up to those expectations. I’m going to be working with the training staff and coaches to redefine my game and hopefully get into a better place next season.”


Justin Lose hopes to beat the point total that he had this season with the off-season looming. He finished the season with 23 goals and 41 assists for 64 points but with a +/- -11. In the playoffs he only had 3 assists and a +/- -2. The upswing that Lose had in the second half of the season is a bright note to end the season with. We caught Lose training in the early morning with Riga staff and he was running defensive drills. We can already see Lose putting in the effort to be the best player for the Riga Reign.


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