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Zeedayno Chara Prospect Scouting Report

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Zeedayno Chara Prospect Scouting Report


6'3'' 241 LBS DEFENSE  



Zeedayno Chara joined the VHLM exactly midway through the S76 season.  As a free agent, Chara was approached by over a handful of teams. After some deliberation, Big Z decided to sign with the Miami Marauders. He was excited to have the opportunity to be playing in sunny Florida. Miami was a team destined to make the playoffs.  They had an abundance of forwards but no true number 1 defenseman. Chara joined the team wanting to be that player for the team.  He had a decent rookie season potting 2 goals and dished out 27 assists for 29 points in 36 games played.  He still has a lot of room to grow. A lot of aspects of his game need work.  He ended the regular season a -11 , so he can definitely continue to improve his defensive side of his game.  Miami is currently in round 1 of the playoffs and Chara is determined to try and help the team win its series vs Yukon.







Zeedayno  has a big slapshot.  It has been clocked at over 100 MPH.  Even tho he only scored 2 goals in 36 games, Chara's shot is as hard as any player in the league.


Chara at 241 LBS does not shy away from delivering bone crushing hits. I expect as his career develops he will only continue to hit more and more each season.


His passing is maybe his strongest ability. He has been regarded heavily as a pass first defender. His vision on the ice allows him to make beautiful tape to tape passes with ease.  His 27 assists in 36 games is a testament to that.





Chara due to his larger frame can only skate so fast. He looks like a grizzly bear on ice.  This is one aspect of his game he his really focusing on trying to improve.


I spoke above about how hard Chara's shot is but not about how accurate it is. Well he is not very accurate.  If you remember Fulton Reed from The Mighty Ducks movies.  He had a bomb of a shot but could only hit the net one out of every 5 shots.  Chara is no different.


He has too much snarl to his game. He spent 54 mins in the penalty box in the regular season.  Now in just 4 playoff games he has a god awful 10 PIM.  This is currently his biggest weakness.  If Chara can learn to stay out of the penalty box he should catch the eyes of a few VHL teams for in the upcoming draft.  He is eligible for the S77 VHL Draft and should land close to or in the top 10.





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