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dayum, this should have been one of the final one's at least, imo I think it's better than the one we currently have on the front page. I love the outlines on the players and the background, the logo swaps are done very well and the color changes on the jersey's look very clean. 9/10

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Review: As stated above, this is a beauty. Definitely better than mine, probably a finalist candidate with a different "S75 Champions" style. I like it, but it just looks a little messy compared to how sharp everything else is. Jersey swaps are good, and I honestly love the drop shadow effect on the players. I do like the approach on the team names, but, especially in Malmo's case, it makes it hard to read at a glance. Overall, good stuff boot, I hope to see one of your banners on the sidebar sometime real soon. 9/10.

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