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Patrik Laine brought in as AGM during busy week in Helsinki.


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HELSINKI, FINLAND - With Blade stepping down and the VHL draft just days away, Helsinki was in need of a AGM, and fast. Jubo quickly sent applications across the league in his efforts to find an AGM fit for the position with the Helsinki Titans. After a brief, but intense search, he found one.


"With Blade stepping from the AGM role, we quickly wanted to fill the role. Since being drafted to the Titans, Patrik Laine has been an exemplary member of our community and a steady force on the ice. Now entering his fourth season we saw the opportunity of bringing Laine, a now veteran member of the team, on to the management team. We have so far had a very successful off-season and are looking forward to working together for seasons to come." Jubo said, in a press conference, welcoming the newly-hired AGM into the arena.


"It was an absolute blessing to finally get my shot, especially within an environment I'm already comfortable in" Said Laine, in an interview. "All I wanted was a chance at some sort of GM/AGM position and to be able to AGM in Helsinki is a dream come true. I can't thank Jubo enough."


Jubo and Laine made quick work at the draft, bringing in Aurelien Moreau and Gustislav Nasherov with their first round picks, as well as signing one of their mutual good friends in Venus Thightrap in Free Agency. Helsinki is a team poised to make a run with these two at the helm.

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