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VHLM Rulebook

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  • VHLM GMs will be selected by the VHLM Commissioners at the time of a vacancy.
  •  VHLM GMs can be removed by the VHLM Commissioners at any time within their tenure for poor performance, inactivity and mis-management.

2. VHLM Player Rights

  • VHLM teams now retain the rights to players that they draft in the VHLM entry draft regardless of which VHL team drafts the player.
  •  Player rights are held for a period of (3) seasons and when teams send the player back to the minors, goes to whichever team owns their VHLM rights.
  •  Low-TPE inactives may be removed from a teams roster to make room for active players at the discretion of VHLM Commissioners/VHLM Simmers
  •  Player rights may be traded like players or draft picks.
  •  Players without junior rights must pass through VHLM waivers where they will be subject to waivers rules.
  •  Each team may hold a maximum of (20) player rights.
  • Teams may release the rights to their players at anytime. Players released while on their junior rights may not rejoin the team for a period of one season. If a player that is undrafted (in the VHL or is within their first 3 years) has their rights released, or they go inactive but come back under the same situation, they are now an ACTIVE FREE AGENT. Teams are capped at one AFA each.
  •  Teams have a 50 TPE goaltender that may be played in the event an active player is not on the roster.


3. Finances - Pay for All ACT

  • There is NO salary cap in the VHLM.
  • Players drafted by a VHLM organization will be granted $1,500,000 and will usable the moment the draft is finished. 
  • VHLM Waiver players will be granted the same amount of money ($1,500,000), though, GM's still offer their services to their team and the player is allowed to choose.
  •  VHLM FA cap is 1 active player. Once every team in the league signs a FA, if anymore available come, each teams allowance will be 2 and so on. 
  • VHL team may loan (or send down) a player to the VHLM after passing through VHL waivers. This player can then be claimed by any VHLM team at the cost of their waiver priority in the >40 TPE system.  Contract length of each "loaned" player is 1 season. If a VHLM team still holds contract rights to this player prior, they can avoid having the player go on VHLM waivers and are subject to the VHLM contract previously signed.
  • If a GM tries to sign a player but does not have roster space for them (example, they're signing to trade for assets), the deal could and may be denied and vetoed by one of your VHLM commissioners. 

4. VHLM TPE Restriction

  • Players with VHLM rights must have less than 200 TPE total at the VHLM TPE-Cutoff date (marked on the off-season schedule each season) to be eligible for play in the VHLM. Players over 200 TPE at or before this cut-off will not be eligible to play in the VHLM whatsoever.
  • A player playing in the VHLM can apply a maximum of 200 TPE to their player. In other words, if you are under 200 TPE prior to the season starting, choose to continue playing in the VHLM and then surpass 200 TPE during the season, all TPE over 200 must be Banked. TPE can still be earned with no restrictions, it just has to be banked until you exit the VHLM. 
  • The TPE restriction for the VHLM TPE-Cutoff date includes banked TPE, unclaimed TPE, and there may be punishment for circumventing the rules at the discretion of the VHLM Commissioner's.
  • A player whose VHLM rights have expired is only eligible to be signed by a VHLM Team if he is under 150 TPE.
  • Any player who is called up by a VHL Team will not be allowed to be sent back down if they exceed the 200 TPA limit. Points will not be removed from players attributes in order to accommodate for this.

5. Waiver System and Roster Restrictions

  • Waiver Claim Limits: While roster restrictions are 18/2 (20 players maximum), a waiver claim restriction will be put in place. VHLM teams are only permitted to signing 9 waiver claim players. If all teams together average above 6 claims (all teams collectively together) the cap will increase by 2 for each team to 11. Once that is met on each team, it will continue the same way. This does not includes players who had been signed, but were cut due to inactivity. Example, 4 teams have 7, one has 6 and three have 5 - the league average for teams waiver claims would be 6.125, thus, bumping the waiver total for all teams to 11 claims. 
  • Roster Restrictions: Teams are only allowed a roster of 20 players, MAXIMUM. This would be 18 players and 2 goalies. In no circumstances are teams allowed to go over and would only be permitted in doing so if each team has reached this cap and new players have since joined. In which case, each teams "player cap would increase by 1. 
  • Anyone who joins after the draft (they joined at a later time), but before the start of playoffs, are essentially available to be signed by a team VIA the waiver system. The difference between Waiver Players and Free Agents is that a waiver is claimed after the draft, and Free Agents have already been taken in a draft.

6. VHLM Achievements

  •  Before the end of the VHL playoffs, players that want to and are eligible for TPE bonuses from the VHLM must declare in this thread their PRIMARY stats for tracking. These stats will then be tracked for bonus TPE and can be declared anytime throughout the season.
  •  The VHLM Achievements thread will be opened immediately following the Trade Deadline.
  •  Unless a declaration is made in this thread, players will not receive bonus TPE at the end of the season for their achievements. This thread will be locked upon completion of the VHL playoffs.
  •  Inactive players cannot have their declarations be posted by their team GMs.
  • All members will receive a minimum of 10 TPE on their achievement tracker, regardless of stats. 

- The following stat achievements can be declared for skaters:

Shot Blocks
+/- Rating

Forward Achievements (Choose 2):

Shot Blocks/15
+/- Rating/6 (Above +0)
Fights 2 points per fight

FO Won/100

Defensemen Achievements (Choose 2):

Shot Blocks/20
+/- Rating/6 (Above +0)
Fights 2 points per fight

Goalie Achievements (All applicable)
*Please note that goalies do not select any choices, but must submit a bonus TPE declaration

40 Games Started = 5 TPE
Save % 0.900+ = 5 TPE
Save % Sub 0.900 = 2TPE
Shutouts = 3 TPE per SO

- Declaration Form Format (Put choices in the order they are listed)

Player Name
Choice 1
Choice 2

7. VHLM Practice Facility

  •  Each week a new thread will be posted for each active player in the VHLM to have the opportunity to post to gain 2 uncapped TPE.
  •  To claim the 2 TPE, you simply post in the practice facility for that week, and then apply the link in your player management section on the portal.
  •  If you miss posting in a thread, after it becomes locked you may no longer claim points for that week
  •  The 2 TPE will not count against the weekly TPE cap as the overall amount of minor bonuses that can be earned has been reduced to accommodate this .
  •  VHLM GM's cannot claim points for inactive players

8. Trades

  •  Each trade must be publicly accepted by each team's VHLM GM. Please post a new trade in a new thread in this forum.
  •  Future conditions may not be included in trades
  • Teams are allowed to trade draft picks from the current season, as well as the season immediately after. EX, if it's S63, teams are allowed to trade S63 and S64 picks.  Come the draft, they're able to deal 63, 64 and 65. Once the draft finishes, it resumes S64 and S65. 
  •  A traded player may not be reacquired within a 6 week period
  •  At the conclusion of a trade a VHLM Commissioner will lock the trade thread.

9. Releasing Players

  •  If a player is bought-out by a team, they cannot be re-signed by or traded to the same team within the same season. 

11. Draft Picks

  • Teams are allowed to trade draft picks from the current season, as well as the season immediately after. EX, if it's S63, teams are allowed to trade S63 and S64 picks.  Come the draft, they're able to deal 63, 64 and 65. Once the draft finishes, it resumes S64 and S65. 
  • Each team will be allowed to hold a maximum of 3 picks in the first 2 rounds. Meaning, they can only obtain or hold a maximum of 3 firsts and 3 seconds in any given draft.


12. VHLM Free Agency

  •  Each team may sign one active free agent each season.  The active free agent must fit the tpe requirements and post their acceptance.  Free agents may only be signed for one season, and cannot be traded. Free agents can be found in the regular posted free agency thread. 
  • Under zero circumstances are teams allowed to sign inactive free agents. If the team holds their rights and they remain on the roster, all is well. If the rights are traded to another team, all is well. If the player is cut and inactive, they are unable to be signed.
  • Active Free Agents will be disqualified from signing a contract with any VHLM team and will see a zero tolerance to any form of addition to the team once the regular season ends. No Free Agency signings during playoffs. 


13. Playoff Format

  • The top 8 teams in the VHLM will make the playoffs.
  • 1v8, 2v7, 3v6 & 4v5 will be the matchmaking systems for the first round of playoffs.
  • All rounds are the best of 7's. 


14. Draft Lottery

  • Teams involved in the lottery will be the bottom 3 teams who did not make playoffs, as well as the 8th place team who managed to squeak in. 

11th: 30%

10th: 30%

9th: 30%

8th: 10%

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