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VHL Code of Conduct


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The Code of Conduct (COC) applies to anywhere that would be considered a VHL domain, including, but not limited to, the league forums, Discord, team locker rooms, and Twitch streams. Although moderators do not monitor independent team locker rooms, the rules extend to those spaces. We accept reports of COC infractions in team locker rooms, and they will be processed duly. Please note that these rules also apply to the Thunderdome, both on the forums and in Discord, despite the looser moderation with regard to spamming.

The league moderators and Commissioners reserve the right to interpret the spirit of the rule rather than the word of the rule in order to achieve the best outcome. If loopholes are identified, please bring them to the attention of moderators and/or Commissioners to be addressed.

Section 1: General Rules


1.1 Inclusivity


The VHL aims to curate a welcoming, inclusive community intended to provide enjoyment for all its members, regardless of:





Sexual orientation



Hateful remarks directed towards the listed identities (and others should they apply but are not listed) will be deemed as against the Code of Conduct and will be disciplined as such. Personal views and stances are important, however, it is essential to note that they should not come at a cost of supporting equity, diversity, and inclusion and as such should a conflict arise, the Code of Conduct should be intended to support the betterment of the community.

1.2 Cheating

Cheating will not be tolerated. There are various forms of cheating in the league, the punishment for which is determined by the severity of the violation.

Plagiarism is considered cheating. All point tasks to be claimed for TPE, including but not limited to, graphics, article posts, and podcasts must be original content. This includes the use of AI assistance.

Claiming TPE that you have not earned is considered cheating as well. Knowingly submitting updates for TPE that you have not earned is not permitted, nor is the misuse of the forums, portal, or Discord.

Each user is permitted one account. Owning, registering, and/or maintaining more than one account is considered cheating.

Ban evading or assisting in someone ban evading. If someone is banned there is a reason behind it. If you are caught ban evading further punishment will be dealt. If you are found assisting someone in ban evading you are also at fault.


1.3 Sexual Content

We maintain a sexual content policy that aims to protect all users. Sexual content directed toward another individual may cause that individual to feel uncomfortable or unsafe in the league. Additionally, we aim to create an environment that welcomes minors and members who browse the forums or discord during work/school.


Absolutely no sexual content is allowed. Sexual content includes but is not limited to, nudity, provocative and otherwise revealing photos, videos, and GIFs. This rule extends to profile photos, signatures, and any other public domain.

In addition to media shared, sexual content, including explicit or suggestive references to genitalia and sexual acts, should not be shared or directed toward another user. This includes comments intended to be jokes, remarks, or discussion points. Enforcement of the rule does not depend on the gender identity or sexual orientation of the involved parties, nor their relationship with each other.

1.4 Harassment

If a member feels that they have witnessed or experienced any type of harassment, they reserve the right to report those instances to moderators. In order to protect the members of the community, the VHL does not tolerate harassment of any type.

The league defines harassment as a form of discrimination that involves unwelcome conduct that is based on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, ethnicity, disability, or any other identities an individual may hold. This may also include being unjustifiably hostile towards another member.

This also includes sexual harassment, which is the discrimination of an individual via unwelcome sexual conduct. Examples of sexual conduct include but are not limited to, unwelcome sexual advances, sexualization of an individual, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal harassment of a sexual nature.

1.5 Drama, Fighting, and Trolling

We do not tolerate behavior that targets other individuals. Personal attacks, excessive/malicious trolling, spamming, language/rhetoric that includes hate speech (ex. racism, homophobia, ableism), or any comments made that belittle members of an oppressed group will not be tolerated.

This includes:

Baiting/making unprovoked antagonizing comments

Unnecessarily or unfairly targeting specific members over and over

Delineating a healthy debate to personal attacks for no reason

Doxxing or invasion of privacy


Section 2 Punishments, Appeals, and more


2.1 Possible Punishments


Anyone found to be acting in a manner counter to the league's code of conduct will be subject to punishment at the discretion of the league's moderators and Commissioners, including, but not limited to:



Removal of content

Player penalties

Probationary Periods

Removal of Job Positions in the League

TPE/Point Task Ban

Suspension from posting privileges on the forum, discord, or both

Removal from the league

2.2 Appeal Guidelines

An individual who is found responsible for an infraction of the COC and receives a punishment has the right to request an appeal. Appeals should be directed to the head mod via Discord or forum DMs, and the appeal request should not be made visible to the public.


Appeals may only be sent for punishments that are still ongoing. 


If a member wishing to appeal believes the head moderator to have a specific conflict of interest that will affect their appeal they can bring said appeal to another member of the mod team instead. These appeals will be passed to the commissioners directly if it is deemed that a conflict of interest does exist.


Appeal privileges can be denied in extreme or repeat cases. Users may not appeal on another user’s behalf.


2.3 Extra Notes


Unprecedented events may happen and may not be accounted for within this Code of Conduct. In such a case, moderators in collaboration with commissioners will work out the best action moving forward. Best judgment will be used to deal with the event. 


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