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Petrov On The VHLM Draft


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Petrov On The VHLM Draft





With his name yet to be called, going into the 5th round Aleksander Petrov waits patiently hoping one team will take a chance on him. Two teams have already passed on their pick, Petrov has little to no value to any of these teams, but this doesn't upset him, it motivates him. Finally with the 43rd pick, the Oslo Strom selects the right wing out of Bulgaria.


Here’s what Petrov had to say about the draft.


“Whatever, I’m not here to focus on the teams that passed on me; I’m just honoured to get selected by the Oslo Storm. I’ll will prove to all other 9 teams that they made a mistake. But yeah, the Strom are going go far this year, I can guarantee that. I’m just going work hard with everybody else and grow as a team. The VHLM is more development than anything else, so I’m not going focus on my draft position too much.”

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