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Being Drafted By Bratislava


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Having been interviewed by a few teams before the draft, King Czar had an idea of what team he would be going to in the VHLM S39 Dispersal Draft. Bratislava had been one of the teams that had interested Czar, due to him being familiar with the General Manager Seth Plaut. Czar III was drafted 11th overall by Bratislava, just outside of the first round, where King Czar was hoping he'd go. After he was drafted, Czar let the media know about his plans this season, with this quote.
"I was drafted today to the Bratislava Watchmen, and was the highest pick going to the team. I want to win this season, and Bratislava will win this season because of the GM we have, and the mentality this team has going into the season. Bratislava had a great draft, and now, we're going to shock the VHLM world. We're going to kill it. I would love to thank my family, my fans, and of course my new GM Seth for letting this happen. I'm going to go in the first round in the VHL Entry Draft, mark my words."
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