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Fjorsstrom looks to have a bounce back year


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Slaeter Fjorsstrom skating with the Riga Reign last season.



After scoring 72 points in his rookie season, Riga Reign defender Slaeter Fjorsstrom had a sophomore slump which saw him register 58 points.  While it wasn't the biggest drop off in points the league saw last season, much more was expected of the former first overall pick.


"Having that title of first overall comes with the pressure of being competitive and consistent from season to season.  I wasn't happy with my numbers last season, and hope that I can improve quite a bit more next season.  I've been working hard this offseason to impress the coaches and hope that I can put up good numbers this season." - Fjorsstrom


With Riga losing Malcom Spud on the blue line, Fjorsstrom will be expected to perform as a top defenseman.  


"I love the pressure.  It's tough losing a great player like Malcom [spud], but Phil [Villeneuve] and myself have been working hard this season, and have developing some chemistry in practices.  Hopefully we can contribute right away."

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