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Roommates/Party time in Helsinki


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     Most athletes have a roommate when on the road, somebody to share a hotel room with, plane ride buddy, partner for pre-game footy. This is usually the case for members of the VHL/VHLM as financially, the individual teams cannot afford to host single rooms. But with the constant intercontinental travel from Helsinki to Cologne to Seattle to Davos to New York, teams are resorting into signing up players to sleep four to a room to save on housing costs.

    The Helsinki Titans, the all rookie team, have made it their goal to increase locker room activity as well as chemistry between teammates. Their method for raising team morale involves one very large room, usually the deluxe king suite in a five star hotel or the large conference room with beds placed inside, everybody piled into it, and the biggest bachelor bro fest to ever happen with the occasional exotic dancing troupe and mandated sexy cheerleading team from the local University. Outsiders may seem this tact as counter productive, overtly sexual, non-traditional, unsafe, and chaotic but the Helsinki Titans have seen their team pull together on and off the ice, have seen the team play as a whole unit rather than individuals, and have seen the team overcome daunting opponents in the early part of this season as well as seeing Don Draper finally get over his bout with genital herpes and finally score a goal. 




Tyson Stokes and members of the University of Cologne Cheerleading Squad.

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