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Jerrick Poole Excelling With Ottawa

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When the Lynx drafted Jerrick Poole as their number one defenseman, he took the role on as a huge responsibility.  Many questioned the team's decision to pass on Mason Richardson earlier in the draft and wondered, with Poole's lack of history, if the decision would be the correct one for the team with such high hopes for the Founder's Cup.  If one thing is for sure, it is that Jerrick Poole has embraced and excelled in his role.


Not only has he been a leader for the Lynx defensively but he has shown that he can contribute in the offensive zone with sixteen points through the team's first twelve games.  In addition, VHL teams are beginning to notice him as he has, at the moment, become a consensus top four prospect for the season 40 VHL Entry Draft.  With the relative lack of high end defensive talent in the VHL, Poole and Mason Richardson could very well make this a draft that will be remembered for years to come.

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