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Missing out on the draft due to some visa issues Matt finally arrived in states and it was time to do some portfolio. Yeah, he could have done it back in UK, but he wanted to do it in the states to not just make the protfolio but also show that he is already here and ready to go in no time. His manger already had made contact with some YouTube channel that specialises in filming different extreme sport videos like skateboarding, bmx'es and so on, so the next day after arriving they met up, talked about a plan and started to shoot the footage. The filming happened in two locations - gym and hockey hall. The first day was the gym shoot where Matt was just doing his usual training routines from back home, showcasing his agility, strength and speed. The gym shoot was rather simple as it had no time restrictions on it due to the fact that they used a small local gym. The next days shoot was bit different as it was in an ice hockey hall. Matt's manager managed to gain access to an empty rink for 1 hour, but it had to be in and out thing. No extra 10 minutes, no nothing. So without wasting time the whole team went straight in and starting the filming. Thanks to the plan that was done the day before, everyone knew what to do and it was nicely split 10-15min each type of shoot to get the best footage they could showcasing Matt's skills. All was done in an hour and now it was time to wait for the footage to be edited with some extra highlight footage from actual games back home. Around a week passed and the result was presented. After watching it Matt was excited to send it out to all the organisations that he might play for and that's exactly what he did. Not long after the first offers from organisations started to come in...

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