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Okey, so I can see from this work and also the work in your signature section that you are rather new and unexperienced with graphics. It is not a bad thing as we all start somewhere and with practice we grow, so I will point out what I think could have been done better in this specific graphic from my humble point of view. First thing that pops up for me is the darkness, feels like burn tool effect, of the players. I am not a fan of it as it does not nicely flow with the overall image. The texture of the scribbles (skated ice) is bit too much as well I think. It could have been put on as a pinch of effect, but with lower opacity maybe to blend in bit more and make it nice and smooth. And the last thing is the text. I guess the Carter part is fine as I can read it, but the Jared (I think) part is not the best as its dark on dark and you cannot really see the last letter at all. The font choice is not the best either as it makes it harder to read.


My rating: 4/10

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