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          Part 5 of me asking again for off season trivia. This has mostly become a meme for me at this point. I can't actually remember how many times exactly I've mentioned off season trivia in my time here in the VHL. The absolute biggest reason I am so vocal about getting off season trivia is because I really dislike writing vhl.com articles. Not because it's hard or anything but because It could be trivia instead which takes less time and less brain power to do. So doing trivia for 2 tpe compared to 2 tpe for this is basically stealing tpe. I do realize how hard doing trivia is on the person who is in charge of it so I propose having an off season guy to take over for a few weeks while the main guy gets to chill out and take a vacation. This would make it so no one would get burnt out on it like it seems to be the case now. I would also like to volunteer to learn the process of being a trivia master and seeing if it's something I would be interested in assisting with. I would also like to say thank you for listening to my 9th ted talk about why Trivia is best and king of all other tpe and why I need it in my veins each and every week. Please, I'm starting to shiver from withdrawals. I need it soon or I might not make it out alive. Much love a tpe junkie.

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