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Power Forward - Sigard Petrenko


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MISSISSAUGA - Sigard Petrenko has been a physical player this year. While he was expected to be a premier sniper, it turns out Sigard has taken more of a power forward type of role. He scores when he can, helps assist from time to time but his main selling point is his willingness and effectiveness at hitting others. That was a surprising development considering his previous half season where he showed more scoring prowess.


“Well, it definitely surprised me that I could do so well in that field. I focused on hitting so that I could have it as an asset but I did not expect it to be such a big part of my game. Not complaining though, if I can help by hitting, I help by hitting. It works and it’s pretty fun.” Sigard Petrenko said in an interview. 


“It makes sense at the end of the day. Otto [Numminen] brings the speed and AJ [Williams] brings a scoring touch. I’m here to make space and to hit players so those guys can do those things. And it seems to be working so I’m happy with my role. Whether I’m hitting, scoring, or assisting, as long as I can help the team, I’m satisfied.”

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