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Sachimo Zoidberg


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Meet Sachimo Zoidberg, the newest addition to the hoards chasing after the dream of winning a VHL championship. An up and coming youngster just wading into the waters of the VHL pool, he's a promising talent on the right side who also has some experience playing centre.


"There's a lot to absorb right now, but I'm slowly going through it trying to get acclimated to this new enviornment. This is the big time and I plan on doing my best and hopefully finding a team that thinks I fit their system and like my playing style. I've already hit the practice facility so I think that'll show my eagerness to get started with my career here."


A star player for the Vancouver Giants in the WHL, Zoidberg is looking to the future after he was let go from the organization as they had reached their limit on overagers. His hopes are that his future lies here in the VHL, and that he can make as much of an impact here as he did in the Juniors.


Keep your eyes peeled for this young talent, or you might miss his wicked wrister lighting up the lamp.

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