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Claimed:Sachimo Zoidberg Scouting Report


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Name: Sachimo Zoidberg

Position: RW/C

Shoots: Left

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 195 lbs.

Birthplace: Burnaby, BC, Canada

Coming from: Vancouver Giants (WHL)





Zoidberg comes into the league touted as a sniper who shows promise to round out his game and become a 200-foot player. Standing at 6'2" he has a good arm span which will help track down the puck when it's loose and stick and poke check with a higher success rate. His height also gives him a bigger stride which helps with his acceleration to get to top speed. His lean 195 lbs. also helps him with his skating ability, giving him more agility and again helping his acceleration, but as he's only 18, expect him to bulk up some in the coming years. His puckhandling is excellent and his shot is deadly accurate. He has the innate ability to find the open spots on the ice and that's sure to make him a high rating scorer in any league he plays in. His high hockey IQ and leadership qualities make him a good choice for captain on any team, as he is very driven to win and succeed, all the while making those around him better.


His passing could use some work while under pressure. He has soft hands and can pass the puck well when given some time, but when he has a stick in his feet he forces passes and that can end up costing his team. His weight comes into play again, this time though his 195 pound frame is a negative as he is more liable to be knocked off the puck more easily. He also won't be throwing any devastating hits at that size, especially as he progresses into the VHL where it will literally be a boy against men. His shot isn't the hardest and while it is very accurate, he won't be a major threat to a goalie who is set and ready for a shot.


What to expect:

Expect a youngster who is ready and willing to absorb anything a vet is willing to impart on him. A veritable sponge when it comes to information on hockey being shared with him, his high work ethic and drive to win when combined with his desire to get better and excel at the sport will mean he can fit into any system. Don't be surprised if he manages to top his team's scoring charts by the end of his first full season in the VHLM, and be prepared for some highlight reel dangle-into-snipes that promise to leave you stunned. Not selfish with the puck he will always look for an open man if he thinks it'll lead to a better chance then just taking a shot, but he's not shy to take a shot. A PP specialist, look for him to rack up the special team points. Finally, he also has a knack for finding that goal when a team really needs it in the dying minutes of the game so he will probably steal a few games for his team.

He will be a softer player until he bulks up, but he does have a high pain threshold and isn't afraid to sacrifice his body to block shots. While his enthusiasm is great, his technique on blocking shots could use some work so he will be missing a few shot attempts until he gets some more practice with that. His boardplay and ability to crash the net will be hindered a little bit by his size, but again his voracious forechecking will balance that out.


6 games into his first season in the VHLM, Zoidberg is showing that he has the magic touch with the puck while not afraid to get physical and lay down in front of some shots. If everything goes well, he will be shooting to top the Rush's scoring by the end of the season.

GP: 6 G: 9 A: 8 P: 17 +/-: 8 PIM: 6 S: 69 H: 22 SB: 10 FO: 6/8 Avg. Min: 26:30
Word Count: 629 excluding Vitals and Statline.
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Guest Svoboda_3

Content: 5/5

This probably could have used a minor back story, but it's not a deal breaker. You did a really good job detailing the pros and cons, as well as what we can expect from Zoidberg. Obviously you are off to a tremendous start here in the VHL and with the Yukon Rush, so keep it up and good job with the Rookie Profile here.

Grammar: 1/1

195 pound = 195-pound

who = that

puck he = puck, he

then = than

boardplay = board play

6 games = Six games (avoid starting a sentence with a number, try and spell it out)

Appearance: 1/1

Looked solid. I've never seen those Giants jersey's before.

Over 500 Words? 1/1

673 words

Overall 8/8

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