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Goodbyes and Greetings - Sigard Petrenko


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SEATTLE - Erlantz Jokinen and Lucifer Oliver Leveque have been dealt to Calgary. It was tough hearing the young captain had been dealt away. However, it was expected due to some internal problems and disagreements. The team got some draft picks in return.


“It was a tough start to the offseason for sure. We lost our captain and just an overall good player. Same age as me and already lighting it up in the VHL as a defenseman. Man has a hell of a career ahead of him and I’m looking forward to crossing paths with him in the future.” Sigard Petrenko said. “To be honest, I never really talked with him, I had my roles and he had his but I definitely respect his playstyle.”


Despite this however, the team was happy to hear of some acquisitions today. Along with inking goaltender Em Em Flex for four more years, trades were made and two new Seattle Bears (well, technically, one old Seattle Bear) will be joining the roster. Luke Thornton from New York will be coming over and hopefully will bring some of that nitty-gritty style he had in New York. Same case for Venus Thightrap, who is returning to Seattle after literally being traded from it a season prior.


“I’m excited. Vinny, Venus, Luke, Sven, and me for extra credit are gonna make for one tough squadron. The first four especially are some pretty rough and bumpy players that will hopefully make it a living hell for opponents. Looking forward to seeing what this season has in store.”

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