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It's no secret that the season for Matt ended at the playoffs therefore early and that left a lot of free time on his hands and this time was dragging like hell. The goodbyes with Mexico City Kings organisation was said soon after the end of the season. Matt packed his things and used the free time to go back to UK to visit his family as he's been away for a almost a year, while living in South America. Now for at least as season he was coming back to Europe to play for the Stockholm Vikings and then back home to UK to represent The London United. In a way the future could not have worked out better, starting with career overseas in Americas, experiencing their way of practice and doing things, then back to Europe, Scandinavia and then with all the experience acquired, back home, close to the friends and family. Kind of sounds too good to be truth and there was still a season in-between, so you never know, trade might happen and Matt would have to move away. For now, fingers crossed!

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