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The Ottawa Lynx have probably the greatest chance in recent memory to do something significant in the VHLM, winning back to back cups. The last guys to do it were Bratislava, way back when they were still part of the VHLM in season 47 and season 48. That’s over five years in the real world, more than a third of the league’s history.


Ottawa has a very good roster heading into the draft; currently possessing six forwards between 118 and 197 TPE. Four of them are above 160. They also have two current defensemen on the roster, a 177 TPE player and a 197 TPE player. The Lynx do not currently have a goalie, so they will have to pick one up in the draft.


Finding a goalie should not be an issue however, as Ottawa has six picks in the first two rounds in the upcoming draft. Their own 1st and 2nd, as well as 1sts from Philadelphia and Mexico, and 2nds from Mexico and San Diego. Ottawa will be a force to be reckoned with once again in S80.

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