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Team Asia and the WJC


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The World Juniors have been being played out over the last few days and this has put many futures stars in the spotlight. The teams have been battling it out as the semifinals will be played out today. The four teams who remain are Team Asia, Team World, Team Europe, and Team Canada. Team USA had to pack their bags early after losing to Team Asia in the quarter finals.


Team Asia has had a very interesting tournament so far as they will be playing Team Canada. Team Canada has had a very strong tournament after finishing the round robin stage in first place. This game will be a massive challenge for Team Asia as they have struggled against tougher opponents. Team Asia has been lead by their defense who possess nearly all of their points with only Yun Chiang having more than 5 points as a forward. The rest of the forward core has struggled largely in netting goals. If Asia wants any chance of defeating Canada they must get more goals out of their forwards. Team Asia has also struggled of keeping the puck out of their net. This struggle has fallen heavily  on Orion D H Chester IX who has actually faced less goals than many other goalies, but  unfortunately has allowed the 2nd highest goals against average. The problems surrounding Team Asia are large and they have one last tune-up today before they face Team Canada.

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