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Juha in the WJHC


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Juha Jarvinen has been selected for the WJC. Playing for team world he was the backup for goaltender Davis. Jarvinen was surprised by the selection and is grateful for the opportunity. Jarvinen did talk to the press after the team world roster announcement and here what he said: 


Juha-I’m very grateful for the opportunity to play in this tournament. I talk with my agents and we think I’m probably going to be the backup. But being the backup behind Davis is great. I can learn so much from him. 


Of course the tournament will probably help me in the draft stock. Playing for Miami this year was rough. Don’t get me wrong I love the organization and had a lot of fun with the team and wish them all the success. But it was a rough year for me mentally and physically. Playing 55 games straight plus 4 against Yukon in the first round in the VHLM playoff that’s really exhausting and I didn't perform at my full capacity because of that. I know I can do better and eat to prove it in the tourney. 


Press-Talking about the draft. Do you think you have what it takes to play in the VHLE or you’re going to stay in the VHLM for another year ? 


Juha-I think the best for me is to play another year in the M and really try to develop into a great goaltender. The WJC will also help me because the players in the tournament are the Elite in the M and the E, so it's a great way to train myself versus great players. 


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