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Koskinen? Who?


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PE: This is Pierre Emrick here with Doc Mcguire here on 96.9 The Ice. 


We have just gotten word that Mikko Koskinen is heading to the VHLM, and will be a prospect for the VHLM S40 draft. Born in Finland, Koskinen moved to Quebec when he was 14. He has adjusted to the North American style of hockey, and has finally decided to come to the VHLM. Most GMs had never heard of this kid until today, but he is certain he will be drafted and make an instant impact on one lucky team. What do you think about this Doc?


DM: He is only 16 and weighs about 140 lbs. Rumor has it that his voice has finally started to change just a couple of weeks ago. With his small size, I think he will struggle in the minors. Luckily, his tiny size allows him to skate faster than anybody else. 


PE: Well, he will definitely learn to keep away from the defenders that are a foot taller and weigh 100 more pounds then him. If you are listening, we wish you the best of luck in the draft Koskinen!

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