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Cologne Dominates in First Contest


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In what seems like not a big surprise Cologne overpowered the Riga Reign in their first contest of the year. No game is a sure win so the fact the Express picked up 2 points against a conference rival is a huge moral victory. The 6-1 win was a great start to a season, which is unusual for the Cologne franchise who has started slow every seasons. If the Express can keep their goal total high they may turn some heads, something they looked to do the last four seasons.


So far Gregory Glass has been the pleasant surprise from the backend, as he totalled four points in his and his teams season debut. Cologne lost a nailbiter in their second game against the defending champion Helsinki Titans. The 2-1 scoreline was much closer than some would expect as the Titans have yet another loaded roster. With a stupid trade awhile ago the Titans were able to acquire an early first pick to be able to select Naomi Young who was slated as a potential franchise prospect before the annual draft. Cologne will look to bounce back from the Helsinki game and hopefully spark a winning streak and get hot. Evgeni Chekhov is believed to get the start in their next game, as Vincent Vega and Chekhov have both split duties at this point.

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