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Harumpf's Waiting to Get Hot


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Oskars Harumpf, center for the Saskatoon Wild has been working hard while waiting to actually produce in games. He's played okay, with 3 goals in 17 games, but let's he honest that's not very good. He's been working mostly on his skating, puck handling and passing, but also putting time in on face offs and defense. The idea is a well-rounded offensive game will help him produce, but it may take a little bit of time to reflect on the scoresheet. He's also had his minutes dropped to less than 15 per game, so it may be tough for him to really break out in his first half-season. Most likely Harumpf will continue to wallow in mediocrity for the remainder of the this season with hopes of helping the Wild in the playoffs when his skills should be much improved. Ideally in next season's dispersal draft, a team will most likely be getting a good center who's ready to come in and produce on the top 2 lines. Hopefully Harumpf gets drafted back to Saskatoon, the team that first showed confidence in him, but he's fine playing for other teams as well. Harumpf embraces any and all opportunities that come his way and looks forward to the challenges the rest of this season and beyond bring.


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