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Dusty Wilson speaks on his career so far.


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Well It's been a while since we heard from Dusty as his woes In net have been bothering him in the vhle just like they did in the vhlm. Dusty seems to still be trying to find his footing within the net, as he works to round out his game within this season. Dusty has gotten word from his owner on cologne express, that a starting spot may never open up. He now Is looking to just use this as a development year which was already the plan as It was, but now he does not know the certainty of his spot within the vhle. He wonders if becoming a goalie was a mistake for himself, but he's going to push through and keep trying as goalie Is the position he loves. He will find a team where he starts one day, for now It's time to fine tune his game within the net and keep on training to get better on the ice. Dusty Is still being doubted, but can you blame owners? I wouldn't say you could, but he's definitely looking to be on the come up as he takes this time to develop himself. 

Stay with this ride as we look to watch Dusty continue to become a better player over time. People may not see It right now, but he feels there's a passion within his heart and there are guys out there who would love to have Dusty as their starter in the future. Till that future presents itself. Dusty will remain a cologne express. 

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