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It's still sunday the 20th!


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Hello VHL, this will be a short article about me saying basically anything that will cross my mind and no particular order. Get ready, it's not so interesting.


So, first, Malmo has been struggling more than I expected this season and I do hope we can rise back in the standings. I think our team is able to do better than this and hopefully it will happen. So far, we are doing really good defensively but we always seems to be outscored by one single goal which is both frustrating and hopeful. At the end though, what matter the most is what happen during the post season.


I still have so many backup games to play, crap


@Minion signed with us for 2 seasons, it's always good to know that someone wanna stay on the team and act as a veteran leader for the futur. Thank you for this minion, green fits you good!


Last week I didn't claim much, I had some stuff going on IRL and was pretty innactive hence why I think I didn't deserve a job pay so I didn't claim it.


What about my player? Well, he's doing good but it's the VHLM, leading in points in the M as a recreate is not much of an exploit.


anyway, thats enough now. See you next week



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sir we are still waiting for the offical captains post of the hawks this season and I know have bugged you once more but I want to use it as a history point in the future as a triva question

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