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VHLE Power Rankings


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VHLE power rankings:

1. Cologne Express
I'm probably a little bit biased here because I play for Cologne, but we have really surprised the league after losing some people early on in the season and not really knowing if we wanted to compete or not. I am glad we stuck to it because now we have the best record in the league.


2. Rome Gladiators
I believe the two best teams in the league should be in the top 2 spots. Rome has played well all season long and is well within striking distance of Cologne.


3. Bratislava Watchmen
There is a cluster in the middle of the standings, but I think the Watchmen have the talent to separate down the stretch.


4. Stockholm Vikings
Only a +8 goal differential, Stockholm could find themselves dropping with a rough week.


5. Geneva Rush
They have run into some bad luck but still have the potential to improve.


6. Istanbul Red Wolves
Although ahead of Geneva in the standings, they have a -18 goal differential and are a very streaky team.


7. Vasteras Iron Eagles
Not much hope for Vasteras this season.


8. Oslo Storm
These guys were bad back in S50 too, the last time I was in this league. Some things never change.

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