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Ottawa Fighting Upward in Standings


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Each team in the VHLM has played 55/56 games as of today - is now a good time to take a look at the standings? My concerns are obviously heavily weighted toward Ottawa's future since I'm a self-centered person by nature. The most contentious opponents that the Lynx will have to deal with in order to climb the standings are the Miami Marauders, who are sticking to Ottawa like glue, tied in points at 66 so far in the season.


Doing their level best to put some distance between themselves and Ottawa are the Mexico City Kings, who lead the Lynx in points by three with a total of 69 (nice) with a game in hand. The two teams have had a very contentious back and forth this season both in the battle for the standings and on the ice head to head. Neither team has managed to create a winning streak over the other yet this season, but Ottawa will be trying their best to create some momentum this week as they head into their final meeting of the season.


Are the final 16 games going to be enough time to allow Ottawa to catapult past Mexico City? Will Miami go on a run instead, leaving the Lynx in the dust? This week will give us answers to those questions and more!

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