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Goalie Ranking?


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For this VHL 590 article, I will be breaking down my favorite VHLE goalies to score on.


5. Pekka Grubauer
This guy really isn't around anymore, but his player name just makes me excited whenever I score on him. Seems like I'm scoring on a real NHL goalie.

4. Ed Nu
It's been a bit tough to score on ole Eddie this season, so it is always a pleasure when I can squeak one through him. He's got a tough glove so I always shoot low.

3. Ben Dahl
It seems like he should have another name, like Ben Lovedahl or Ben Windahl or something like that. Ben Dahl seems like you've been sitting around all day, you know, "I've Ben Dahl today". I love scoring on this cat.

2. Orion D H Chiester IX
What a bad ass name. Orion loves to get it from the stick of Obi, this guy always cracks me up when I play against him.

1. Bubbles Utonium
My number one has to be Bubbles. What a hell of a name. I'm just mad I didn't name my guy Bubbles Utonium. Always sweeter to burn this guy through the 5-hole.

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