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Dusty Expressing their season so far.


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Dusty Wilson has been enjoying the Cologne Express so far as he has been able to pick up wins and has picked up his game a lot allowing him to be a better player overall. He still loves the express with his heart as they took the chance on him and now they are a top team in the VHLE, but as said before Dusty will have some big offseason decisions to make for the VHLE as he knows he would love to start, and If he sees anime stay he may have to walk away. Dusty Is having some great success as a backup as of late, and many know he backed up bubbles with the San Diego Marlins. He's been behind some great goalies, but he wants his time to shine and would like It to come soon as he puts in this work, he doesn't want to stay a career backup forever. He wants to show the league and the teams that passed on him that they made a big mistake and Dusty will show them what they missed out on. Dusty currently has one team interested in him maybe and he may go to the next season or stay with the express. We will see, but we know his heart desires a starting goalie spot. 

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