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Tyler Busser junior review


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.    Tyler Busser was born S66 and had skates on by S72 in Canada where he skated amongst the best in the OHL peewee system, we saw standout performances almost every game and in his peers loved having him around the three seasons spent and in the final season by the age 9 he ended the a 50 game season with 66 points, 40 of them being goals. Right away the coaches knew they had a star in the midst and quickly advanced the younging to the next devision with players double baby Busser's age. He would play out the rest of the next season with 0 points in 60 games but plenty of lessons learned.


Now during S76 at the ripe age of 10 Tyler had other plans and joined a local Latvian U-13 team, a location where his father settled after his playing career three seasons prior. When things started up and training camp was about to start the coaches had a little shift in plans for their new player and actived Busser as a center on the 1st line but on one condition, if he eat all his spaghetti and continued to grow muscle to help him battle in a more physical and defensive style game he wasn'tused to, the answer was yes. In a league with other kids the same age again and a constant supporting family in the crowds it was easy to consistently make things happen and similar to the days he began to play he amounted over 100 points and 65 of them were goals in just 90 games over 3 seasons.


The 2 years before the age of 15 it was up and down for a growing Tyler who was getting used to the extra poundage he out of nowhere gained and found himself playing a more defensive game in the final prospect league in Latvia, meeting old friends and new ones we still saw good signs as Busser filled out nicely, adding a two-way game to his weaponry and sometimes played with the adults on call up opportunties. More than ready from plenty of hockey on the resume it was his next season with a fighting for a playoff spot 16+ Latvian major team where the scouts in the VHLM took notice, in the final 15 games the out of nowhere star notched 33 goals which ultimately helped push them into the post season with a better goal differential of 12 goals, the team had just 7 from everybody else on the roster.


Ending our story we see another dominate and noteworthy efforts from Tyler at the age of 17 leading his team to victory finally but when the team decided to go through the rebuild process it was time to move on and the coaching staff agreed. An 18 year old Busser would sit for half a season longer to take a rest and prepare for his next test.. Joining the VHL like his father did many seasons ago. The trade deadline passed and the phones buzzed but none of the locations felt right until a Canadian team gave call, without hesitation a deal was made and now his story will continue in the spot it started but this time it'll be in the capital of Canada!

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