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Alexandre Leduc- Rookie Experience


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Capture.PNG.5e0432a269f19684ceb0708433c10e09.PNG                              Rookie Season 

Rookie year its quite exciting for anybody, that where a long  career is going to start. Lets dive in what Alexandre Leduc the young player from the Riga Reign have to say about that topic.



Well I am very excited to say that I almost finish my first season in the VHL. With only 13 games left in the regular season for the Riga reign, I have a good size analyze to my season to say that I had better expectation after my huge season in Cologne. I was expected more from me, but I understand that it’s a new league the competition is harder and you need to make you’re mark on the roster. Something that I didn’t really did in the E or the M, I always had that opportunity open to me, but know I need to open that opportunity myself.


I need to work on my game even more to be a better in the league and mark my place into the league like a great player. My expectation fore the rest of the season, the playoff and the other season are to always look to upgrade and take every moment in the game like a lesson. For the playoff is to be a player that my team can trust in crucial plays during the game. For next season I want to be a key part of the team maybe have a bit more time on the ice and really make a difference in the league.


The transition for me was great. I knew that I was going to the big league at the middle of my season with Cologne. I think that kind help me during the end of the season with Cologne I was playing better after that news. I was training hard in the offseason to make that big step to the big league.


The start of the season was pretty intense, trying to be competitive in a new league. It was a hard thing to do and I needed to adapted to this new league with a lot more skill, fast and strong players. I think I am doing pretty good this far this season with 48 points in 59  games played. For my first season I think that’s pretty good and they are still 13 games to play. My objective in the upcoming season is  to always try to elevate my game to the next level.


Hopefully I will have a  great career in the VHL and people will remember my names forever.




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