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vhlm off topic roundup thingy

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The end of the VHLM for my second player is approaching fast and its been a great experience for the most part I got a lot of games in and I have been doing fairly well on staying active and also building my goalie on my own without any guides for my first goalie build ever who knows soon enough I may be writing my own goalie build? *foreshadowing* possibly never count it out but for sure I want to experiment with some more things and it will be funny to see if any of this meta change really impacts the goalie build instead of mainly just the player build as its been advertised, or at least from what I've seen, Its a big change but I think it will do the league some good and create some diverse player builds . Anyways I'm getting off topic, its been a great time in the VHLM met some great people again and honestly its sad to leave after the LR of the reapers team its amazing and id say better than my first time around no offence to the rice man he did a solid job of a LR I don't know if its because I'm the captain now and I get more interactive with people and I'm not a noob in the league anymore but it feels nice to be interactive and lend a hand to some newer players, anyways I think this is enough words to claim so until next time peace!!!!! 250 on the dot btw

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