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Tate Thoughts (Mar 7)


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- I have to start the VHL talk by expressing just how much in love I am with the new Hybrid Attributes, holy fuck, what a damn good idea that is/was. Whomever is responsible for suggesting it in the first place should get a season’s worth of free TPE handed to them because hot damn is it ever a GOOD idea! I said it in my long and somewhat boring podcast today that I would have never thought of that idea myself and now I cannot wait to see how this plays out. I am sure the end result will conclude with us finding another meta but in the meantime, I am looking forward to discoveries popping up amongst the chaos.


- I took a look around the league at the VHL teams and their current goalies, and goalie prospects. It’s not looking so hot for me right now in finding a forever home, but I do see a handful of viable options. The question really remains if the interest is mutual? There is going to be some GM’s changing seats this offseason and each new GM will need to assess their team so for now it will remain a mystery.


A mystery that will soon be solved come draft day.


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