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Tate Thoughts (March 14)


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So currently I’m watching the Weekend Away on Netflix, and while I wouldn’t recommend the movie it continues to amaze me the amount of money that can be put into such a crap script. It costs a lot of money to make something of that quality and why you wouldn’t refine the story until you record picture is beyond me.


Speaking of stories we got the green light in Mexico and cruised our way to the second round. Ooooohhh boy do I ever love a good sweep, especially when I’m the one holding the broom (it’s a metaphor, this is a team sport after all!)


And so it is that our next opponent will be formidable and that is to expected if you’re going to win it all. Do I like our chances? Of course. Time will tell if we can get it done, but I truly believe we will give them a run for their money.


I must admit that I’m anxious to see what the future brings beyond the playoffs but living in the moment, game by game, is still a lovely feeling. 

Happy Monday y’all!

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