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Harumpf's Great Season


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Little Oskars Harumpf turned in an aweseome season for Bratislava this year, putting up and incredible 164 points! Not bad for a 5'5" 250 pounder. Harumpf scored 34 goals and an astounding 130 assists including 34 powerplay points. He won the Assists title and now holds a top 5 spot in all-time VHLM Assists with his 130 marker. He finished #1 in Scoring among Centers and #3 overall in the league. Possibly the most impressive though is his +103 rating. That's right, positive 103. Both him and his linemate Zoidberg finished over +100 and knobody else was even close. I'm not sure what the record is for +/- but I'm guessing these 2 are close to it. It'd be interesting to find that out. After turning in this amazing statistical season, Harumpf now turns his sights on the playoffs and trying to win a cup with Bratislava. They have a loaded team and many are picking them as favorite for the cup, but they have to deliver on the ice. As always anything can happen in the playoffs, but things are looking good for Bratislava.

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