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Firkley's Charity


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Our best wishes are heading out to Dirk Firkley, the second line RW for the Ottawa Lynx and s41 draftee. After a recent interview it was revealed that his mother was suffering from some form of ailment, which has since been revealed to be Early-onset Alzheimer's disease. 

His mother, who is only 49, is suffering from a rare form of Alzheimer's which affects only between 5-10% of Alzheimer's sufferers. As with other forms, there is no known cure, but Firkley and his family have opted for the very best of care, which will only improve when he signs a rookie contract. 

When asked about his mother's condition and the possibility of being in North America, he expressed only that he would be a consummate professional.  If any supporters would like to donate, they can do so at the Firkley Foundation, a charity he is creating to help foster research for Alzheimers and to support families who are struggling with the disease. 


(11:59, beat the buzzer)

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