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VHL This Week (December 21, 2014)


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VHL This Week

Season 41 Edition 3


We're now a third of the way through the season and, once again, it's not a big surprise who the top teams and who the worst teams are.  The separation between teams are only growing and despite how early into the season we are, it doesn't appear that any team outside the playoffs right now has enough this year to make a push into the top three of their conference.




Make sure to check out Edition 221 of the VHL Magazine!


The second round of the writing ranks will conclude in the next couple of days.  Get ready for some great articles as voting should open up soon!


Game Discussion


After an exciting week of games, the first we will take a closer look at is one between a pair of cross-conference rivals, both of whom are putting together strong seasons.  This game between the Titans and Meute was very close, requiring overtime to determine a winner.  The scoring started quickly with Willem Janssen scoring the first goal of the game for the Titans before the Meute's Rami Jakobssen tied it back up less than a minute later.  The Titans and Meute would again swap goals before the first period would conclude but it was the Kimmo Salo and Brock Waldron show after that as both teams were totally shut out through the rest of regulation.  But once overtime started, the Meute dominated play early yet it was not enough to slip the puck past Salo as Jackson Miller would score his second goal of the game to earn the win for the Titans.


Next is a game that saw a young and inexperienced team in the Toronto Legion battle hard against the Continental Cup favorites, the Riga Reign.  The game began in typical fashion a just five minutes in, Brennan McQueen found the back of the net to put Riga ahead.  But the Legion would respond with a dominant performance in the period, eventually outshooting the Reign 19-8 and ending the frame ahead 2-1 thanks to goals from Devin Sundberg and Steve Tremblay.  It was a hard fought defensive game the rest of the way but the Legion held off their opponents en route to a big upset.


Finally we have a game that pitted two conference foes against each other.  The Bears and Wranglers were entangled in a high scoring affair in this one.  Very early in the game, Seattle was able to score first although their one goal lead was erased by Marcus Hurley around ten minutes later.  This would not stop the Bears, though, as Simon Tremblay was able to find the back of the net before the period was over to help his team to a 2-1 lead.  Once again, the Bears scored early into the period, this time off a Queen Latifa goal.  They would increase their lead to 4-1 before Andrew Erikson scored for the Wranglers late in the period to cut the deficit to 2.  The Bears held on to their lead until the midway point of the third period when Jakob Linholm cut it in half followed by Marcus Hurley's second goal just a minute later to know the game up at 4.  Unfortunately, the Bears just didn't have enough left in the tank as the Wranglers disposed of them quickly in the shootout to earn the win despite never holding a lead throughout the entire game.


TPE Earning


Head to the VHL Magazine, where all you have to do is select a series of numbers to win free player store cash or TPE!  More details can be found in the magazine and make sure to check back each week to see if you've won!


Be sure to keep your eyes on the VHL Fantasy Zone, where you can earn uncapped points for correctly predicting the winners and score of selected games.  Come claim your points for the VHL Pickem and Predict the Score tasks for week one and make your guesses for week two's Pickem and Predict the Score!

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