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When you get five excellent chances on net and you cannot convert any of them that is a sign that you are


A. Bad

B. Unlucky

C. Bad

or D. Snakebitten


Brampton Blades forward Maxime Perron hopes that the answer to this question is D. After starting the season so strong, with an excellent shooting percentage, Perron has fallen back to earth and has had trouble putting the puck in the net. While he has found it very simple to get the puck on net -- often getting 3-6 shots a game as of late -- he has not found it as easy to get it by goalies who are starting to learn and understand the way he plays the game.


As goalies adapt, Perron has to as well. Right now his inexperience is making him get frustrated with his play, making it worse and more forced, so he needs to reel himself in on the ice. Brampton GM Tfong has been working hard with the young kid on his confidence as of late, so the team hopes that it will help as the playoffs roll around.

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