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Can Harumpf hit 70 points?


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Amazingly Oskars Harumpf has 66 points in 68 games for the Helsinki Titans and could reach 70 with 4 points in his last 4 games. He has already set a career high in points and goals with his impressive performance this season. 34 goals for Harumpf shatters his previous total of 22. It probably helps that he's kind of the only guy left on the team, but still a pretty great achievement for a primary playmaker. His 68 points break his previous record of 63 achieved last season. Little bulbous Harumpf just keeps getting it done night in and night out regardless of what situation he is playing in. It's hard to to root for a 5'5" 250 pounder who plays his heart out every game. Backed my Harumpf the Titans have gone on a little run recently and now have 15 wins and are just 2 wins and 4 points behind Riga in the standings. Helsinki has also passed Calgary and are no longer the worst team in the league. Both Riga and Calgary should be ashamed of themselves considering that they are basically playing the Helsinki Harumpf's. Can one guy be this good? The answer is yes. Watch as Harumpf leads Helsinki virtually by himself to a not last place finish in the league. His legend grows.

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