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Down 2-0, can the Legion Bounce Back?

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After finishing the Season 43 regular season off remarkably strong, morale was high in Toronto heading into the playoffs. Not only did they win 22 of their final 29 games but their first round matchup was against the Seattle Bears, a team that they handled with relative ease in the regular season, owning the season series with a 5-2-1 record against their conference rivals including three straight shutouts of the Bears to end the season. With a roster finally clicking and goaltender Mike Szatkowski Jr. retiring at the conclusion of the season, there was no better time than now for the Legion to win a Continental Cup.


But the Bears managed to pull off two overtime wins as Wolfgang Strauss scored the winning goal in each game to lead off with a 2-0 series lead. Although the Legion added a number of players with significant playoff experience, the fact remains that they haven't won even a playoff series in years. Will this early deficit light a fire under this team and help propel them to a championship of will they fall flat once again, potentially forcing another rebuild? Only time will tell.

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