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4 games into the VHLM playoffs the Brampton Blades stand affixed in a tie with the Ottawa Lynx. After being the most dominate team all season, fans are surprised to see them in this compromising position. In the European Conference, however, there is also a stalemate between Bratislava and Bern, which is a slight bit more understanding considering the two teams have fought for supremacy in Europe all season long.


Brampton's inability to take over their series stems from the fact that not all players are firing on all cylinders. The Lynx have done an excellent job shutting down forwards like Sam Teibert, who dominated the VHLM all season long, Phil Hamilton, Le'Sean Coutzen, and Maxime Perron. These four players were crucial to Brampton's success down the line in the VHLM and they have not shown up in the series. It could be a lack of experience, Coutzen, Perron, and Hamilton all being VHL Draft Eligible this season, but overall they need to step it up. It is also unfortunate the beating Coca Cola has taken this season, posting a 3.08GAA and a .879SV%. He will have the bring those both up if they have any chance of going to the final

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