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Lee Sang-Hyeok Looking to add VHL to his Resume


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Lee Sang-Hyeok is the season 3 League of Legends world champion and is a big name in the LCK scene in South Korea. He joined the Victory Hockey League wanting to add it to his ever growing resume. He is now at an even 40 points accross the board as his player has just entered the VHL. No doubt that Sang-Hyeok will one day see a championship in the world of simulation hockey league as it is in his blood to be a winner.


First of all, he is asian and we know that asians are master race when it comes to video games. The VHL is no different from MOBA games. Second of all, he is not only asian but he is also South Korean and we know that South Koreans are the root of all video games in asia. Just see games like League of Legends and Starcraft as they are dominated by Koreans. Sang-Hyeok is excited to step into the world of simulation league as he has made his first player named Lee Sang-Hyeok. Since he isn't using his actual username, "faker", for the first time in his entire internet gaming career, there has been many speculation if he just broke his luck.

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