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Cuff lighting it up!


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Zach Cuff since being traded to the Vasteras Iron Eagles has been playing magnificent. He has 28 points in 23 games leading the team in points. Cuff thinks that this is what he needs to spark his career. Playing in Cologne have just been slowing MR. Cuff down. Zach is loving life in Vasteras. He wishes the Cologne Express the best of luck with their future. Cuff dont have to much left in the tank for his career. It is slowly coming to an end. He doesnt want it to end but his body has been slowly giving away. He is getting old and will soon just want to retire. He loves the VHL but he will need a change of scenery soon. Cuff has been scouting in his offseasons just for fun and he seen some very interesting kids playing. He seen his son playing. He noticed something in his son that he noticed in himself. His love for the game.

Cuffys son will make his debut in the VHL whenever Zach retires. He said he will not play in the same league as his father because hes afraid of kicking his ass.



over 150 words 170 somethin i think

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