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Jakob Linholm Scouting Report




Jakob Linholm is an 18 Year old Swedish Left wing who played his junior hockey in the Swedish Junior League for the Stockholm Golden bears. His VHLM rights were claimed by the Bern Royals, where he is currently playing, and is eligible for the S37 VHL draft.


Position: LW

Age: 18


Height: 6'2"

Weight: 210 lbs


Looking at his body of work in the Swedish Junior League, you can automatically tell that Linholm has potential to be a very good player but is a few years away from reaching it. He has always been seen as a project but one that paid off for the Golden Bears. He came in more noted for being a great skater but not much of a scorer. He was used mostly as an energy player because he would always work hard while on the ice.


After his first season, he spent the entire offseason working on his hands and scoring ability. The coach's noticed a difference in his ability and moved him up and gave him a more prominent role on the team. His point totals increased instantly and since then he remained one of the top scorers on the team.




Scoring – As was mentioned above, Linholm has gained a scoring touch and has proven to be one of the top scorers in the Swedish Junior League. He has a quick release on his shot and has proven to be very accurate with his wrist shot. He has shown to be very creative with the puck and can beat the goalie in a variety of ways.


Skating – His skating is something he as always been known for and has a very smooth stride. He has an ability to get to top speed very quickly and can out skate most defenders. He also has the ability to get around defenders quickly and finds his way to the net.


Work ethic – All of his coach's agree that Jakob has a great work ethic and has always been one of the hardest workers on the team. He always strives to improve his skill and doesn't let a slump get to his head. He has an ability to just work through it and uses it as motivation to do better once he gets out of it.




Doesn't use the body – While he does have the size to throw checks into opponents, he chooses not too and must learn when to do it effectively. While he can get around most, when he doesn't he can get checked off the puck very easily and needs to work on being able to fend of defenders when they get in his face.


Never Played North American Rules – Jakob has never played with the different rules in the North American game and will have to get used to the different ice surface. Tough to give a timetable on how long it will take for him to get used to the faster paced game.


Passing – While he is an average passer, it is not the strongest part of his game. He has been know to make ill-advised passes which can lead to turnovers. He has been working on improving on this part of his game, it still remains a liability at the time of this report.


Another thing to be wary of is that he does have the option to return to Europe if he decides to do so.



Jakob Linholm is eligible for the S37 VHL Entry Draft

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Overview: 5/5 - So far in your time here you've managed to impress me and others with your work ethic and activity! If you keep this up you're bound to find yourself taken high up in the draft. Let's keep getting those W's.


Grammar: 1/1 - A few little mistakes here.

he as - he has


coach's - coaches


not too - not to


Appearance: 1/1 - All good.


Over 500 Words?: 1/1 - Yup


Overall: 8/8


Final: 8/8

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