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Riggs on joining Oslo


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Hello again Oslo! We are here with the Storm's newest star, Luke Riggs! Riggs was announced to the roster about two weeks ago, but didn't show up until today, and he made sure everyone in the VHLM knew. He announced a Storm was coming, and it was going to be big. And we have him here today to answer a few questions!
Riggs: I'm glad to be here. Not just here, but in Oslo and on the Storm as well.
Reporter: A real team player I see!
Riggs: Yeah, that's the way I've always been.
Reporter: Okay, how are things with Oslo going?
Riggs: It's going great, I've really already bonded with all of the guys and their encouraging me with my play and telling me to practice because I have the potential to be a gamebreaker according to them.
Reporter: You probably do, you scored your first goal yesterday, how did it feel?
Riggs: Horrible, we lost, I should have scored more than one. It doesn't matter what you do until you leave it all on the ice, and when you lose, you don't really leave it all on the ice.
Reporter: Well, that's all the time we have because we're on a low budget this week.
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